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Discover Nashville's Brewed Treasure at BNA

Your coffee journey doesn’t pause when you travel. Discover Kijiji Coffee House at BNA airport—where Nashville’s heart beats in every cup.

The Kijiji Story

Founded by Edward C. and Linda Stevenson in 1997, Kijiji Coffee House is Nashville’s first African American coffee establishment, embodying the community spirit—‘Kijiji’ means ‘village’ in Swahili. Over the years, it’s been more than a coffee house—it’s been a stage for budding musicians, a podium for poets, and a meeting point for the North Nashville community. As we expanded our horizons, we embraced the bustling corridors of BNA airport, bringing the essence of Nashville’s vibrant culture to travelers.

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The Brew Behind
the Journey

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Selectively Sourced

Our journey begins with choosing the finest Arabica beans from around the globe, ensuring a premium base for our coffee creations.


Freshly Roasted

Roasted in small batches right here in Nashville, every cup of Kijiji coffee delivers a burst of rich, bold flavors.

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Ready for the Journey

Whether you’re a arriving or or on your way, grab a cup of our freshly brewed coffee to accompany you on your day’s adventure.

We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

Your experience with Kijiji Coffee matters to us. Whether you have a question, a lovely coffee tale to share, or even a concern, we’re here to listen. Fill out the form below and let’s brew a conversation. Plus, as a token of appreciation, we’ll send you a 10% discount code for your next coffee order from our online shop. It’s our little way of saying thanks for reaching out and being a part of the Kijiji community

Sips Of

A sip of Kijiji Coffee isn’t just a caffeine fix—it’s an experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some brewed testimonials from folks who’ve had their days brightened by our brew. Your feedback not only warms our hearts but also brews better days ahead as we continuously strive to perfect our coffee craft.

Fast and friendly service. Exactly what you want at the airport. There was no wait. The lady at the register was super helpful. My Chai Latte was delicious…. And the lemon coffee cake I got was surprisingly delicious. If you are in the Nashville airport, need coffee, and in a hurry…. I highly recommend Kijiji Coffee!"

Starbucks messed up my order and Kijiji came in clutch and fixed it for me! I should have went to them in the first place, so kind and helpful! Chocolate muffin slays."

Good quality coffee and the price wasn’t bad for an airport. With tax I paid $6.45 for a large mocha. Ladies at the counter were nice and my coffee got delivered quickly. Not sure why other people say this place is bad, it’s pretty great! Also, the only coffee shop that was open at BNA."

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